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•   Terry McConnaughy (McConnaughy)  1/12
•   Ewald Bunk  8/29
•   Janice Burgett (Levy)  3/10
•   Steve Stockham  2/10
•   John Kennedy  9/17
•   Jerry Taylor  8/17
•   Linda Gayer (Totman)  8/14
•   Patricia Melland (Cleeves)  8/14
•   Saundra Swick (Bruce)  8/9
•   Jim Ratzlaff  8/8
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98 live in Kansas
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•   Shirley Johnson (Covell)  2/22
•   Gary Wittenberg  2/25
•   Shirley Bertholf (Bertholf)  3/2
•   Robert Read  3/2
•   Louise Krom (Stout)  3/10
•   Terry McConnaughy (McConnaughy)  3/10
•   Loren Reiswig  3/12


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Ewald's Amazing Amazon Adventure

Our classmate Ewald Bunk recently returned from an incredible trip to South America where he fished the Amazon River for the agressive jungle species peacock bass. He said it was his retirement gift to himself. Ewald shared some photos on his Facebook page but we dug a little deeper to find out more about his adventure. Anyone who knows Ewald knows he loves to fish but this was unlike any experience he's ever had before. His photos follow the Q & A. Enjoy!

MHS-66: How did you happen to know about this opportunity?

Ewald: My friend John had been on the trip before. He invited a few of us from the area to join him on this one.

MHS-66: Tell us about the accomodations.

Ewald: There were 8 guests per area and 2 per cabin. The cabins are on pontoons so they can be moved to different areas. They call it a floating safari camp. Each cabin has it's own bathroom and shower water comes directly from the river. They were air conditioned and about 12 feet by 21 feet. 

MHS-66: How long was your trip?

Ewald: We were gone about 10 days and fished for 6 full days on various tributaries of the Amazon. We flew into and out of Manaus, Brazil. 

MHS-66:  Will you describe what your fishing days were like?

Ewald:  Our days began at 6:00 a.m.with a decent breakfast that included homemade breads and fresh fruits. We prepared our own lunches and took them with us onto the fishing boats. The boats were 20 foot Jon boats and each one held two people and a guide. The guides took us to areas to find the best fishing. The guides were great - - they did all the hard work. They would help bring in the fish, take them off the line and release them (all of our fishing was catch and release), tie on different lures, etc. Our guide Antonio even climbed up in a tree to retrieve one of my lures. We would fish in different areas and head back to camp at 5:00 p.m.

MHS-66: What were your evenings like?  

Ewald:  When we pulled into camp the camp host would greet us with a cold, freshly made fruit drink. We would then freshen up and gather in a makeshift gazebo for cocktails and appetizers. Stories were exchanged and we heard a lot about the ones that got away - - and a lot of them did! After that we would head to the mess hall for a very nice dinner. The dinners were excellent - - not 5 star but very good with entrees like steak and fish. 

MHS-66: You mentioned the intense sun on your Facebook page - - were mosquitos, crocodiles or other animals a problem?   

Ewald: We saw only one crocodile and no snakes. Bugs were not a problem but that sun was something else. As you can see by my photos, we covered up as much skin as possible. 

MHS-66: Did you have to provide your own tackle or did the outfitter provide it?

Ewald:  I used their fishing poles but brought my own lures. That part was optional.

MHS-66: Did you have a chance to do any sightseeing on your trip?

Ewald: We were limited on time so did not really do other sightseeing on this trip.  I may look into another trip to Bolivia in a couple of years but I'm undecided at this time.

MHS-66: Other than paying for it, was there much to do to prepare for the trip? 

Ewald: Yes there was! We had to get shots, obtain a visa, figure out what to pack, etc. There is currently a shortage of yellow fever vaccines in the U.S. and one or the women in our group had to travel 200 miles for her shot. There was a 35 pound weight restriction on luggage which was strictly enforced and that included everything - - clothes, rods, reels, everything. They had laundry service at the camp so we didn't have to bring a lot of clothes.

MHS-66: Thanks for telling us about your trip, Ewald. Any last remarks?

Ewald: Thank you for letting me share. If anyone wants any additional information just let me know. The trip was a lot of fun and the outfitter was great to work with. 

An after lunch siesta

Mess hall

A little barracuda

Guide Antonio retrieving lure

Waiting for the charter plane to take them back to civilization

The McPherson Community Building is undergoing a long overdue renovation. Before closing it for construction an opportunity to tour the building was offered. One of the members of the Facebook group "Things you remember about McPherson when you were a kid" posted a large number of photos a couple of months ago and I've copied a few to share with you. For most of us our primary recollection of the auditorium is probably the 4th and 5th grade citywide Christmas pageant. Remember processing in to the auditorium, stutter stepping and dressed in the white (yellow) muslin choir robes with the big black bow while singing "O, Come all ye Faithful"? I can still see the row of autoharps, visualize the tableau, hear three boys singing "We Three Kings" and the chorus of angels singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". Mrs. Dresher was in her glory. At the end of the program the audience rose and joined in while we all sing "Joy to the World!" What wonderful memories. 

We can't think of the gym without remembering the annual Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast (where will it be held this year???), the spiral stairs at the south end of the room, basketball games and perhaps the annual Girl Scout banquet or similar functions. Those stairs were so frustrating! We wanted desperately to climb them but they were always blocked off and for good reason - - that balcony was unsafe. Take a look at the photo below . . . those railings were definitely not up to today's safety standards!

I've not seen any renovation plans or much activity on the site but will keep you posted on progress. If you have any Community Building memories or know or renovation plans/timeline feel free to share them with me by clicking on the "Contact Us" above and I'll pass them along to the rest of the class. With regards to the memories, you can even request anonymity.


This photo was taken sometime before 1959 when the "new" Southwestern Bell building was constructed on the northeast corner of the intersection. 

I thought this was interesting - - a list of phone numbers for emergencies or other needs. 

I'm not a horse person but isn't this a bridle???



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